The Trap

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

When what you preach is hard to practice.

I always been the type of person that knows or tries to help people in any way I can. I found that often people seek support or advise especially when it comes to life changing decisions in their life. Some people are more comfortable in doing so, others want to but might not have a support system to rely on and than you have those that are afraid of asking for help. When I look at my own life, I often felt misunderstood. I'd rather figure things out on my own instead of seeking support. It was a path of loneliness and confusion. Yes, I may have been misunderstood. I may have been hurt. I may have been entangled with the wrong crowds. That doesn't mean there aren't good people out there. Let me maybe word it differently, like minded people out there. The thing is that you're not meant to do life on your own. The Bible has given us examples of convenantial community. King David and Jonathan, Elijah and Elisha, Jesus and the 12 Apostles. While all had their own purpose and destiny it was with the sense of community at heart. I will always encourage you to seek the Lord's word first but what do you do when his anwser is unclear to you? You seek his councel again but what if it doesn't change anything? You're stuck and are bound to make a decision. We have been gifted with the Holy Spirit which will sense us in the right direct but we have to be careful. In the most crucial moments of life it can be overtaken by your thoughts. I cannot emphasise enought to spend time with the Lord to make sure the voice of the Holy Spirit remains louder than any other voice. Now let's say it usually is but you're still uncertain. Most likely you would reach out to people that may have more experience in the area or not at all to have more clarity on your situation. Seeking advice goes two ways. Either It's outcome was the best thing for you to do or it was meant to set you up. What I have done to improve my situation or get out of a bad one might not necessarily work for you. Listen to the word, bring it before the Lord and apply what is more appropriate to your life. I have always been more comfortable giving people advice than asking for it. No matter the situation, I will always try to encourage you and empower you for the next best. It has always been more clear to me seeing things on the other side than sometimes on my own. The thing is that when you give people advise, you have to set the example equally for yourself otherwise it's considered hypocrisy. Everyone goes to their own struggles and challenges. While you might figure it out for someone else, do you figure it out for yourself? I would never encourage unrighteousness and will always ask myself the question if what I'm advising someone else would I be doing it? Because the moment you'll encounter a similar situation that's when they will look at you. Are you integer or you just like to speak wisely? The more difficult the advise is, the more careful I recommend you to be. A piece of advise can have consequences in one's life. Not just that. It may affect your relationship with that person. Life is what you make it and sometimes we are in tight spots. You may know what you need to do but for whatever reason it may be hard for you to act upon it. What do you do then? Well... if i am known for advising someone else to do a certain thing I will not hesitate to do what I have advised someone else and I will take courage by heart. If I am bold enough to open my mouth in one’s life situation, i am bold enough to take ownership in my own. James 1:22 NIV  Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says. James always was straight to the point and that's what I love about his book. This verse can be interpreted both ways. God’s word is truth. It's not just about reading or hearing his word but it's about receiving, obeying and walking in it. A lot of Christians call themselves God lovers but they are not walking in love. They are not walking in God’s truth. Words are easier released than acting upon what you say. Speaking faith and believing faith is two different things. Faith manifests itself in your life when you believe what you declare. There's no other way around it. I think we don't often realize that part. Our tongue can be treacherous and easily say things we aren't believing or feeling yet. Nowadays how easy has it become for people to say "I Love you". I remember when I used to watch movies in my youth it took ages before one wouldnsay it but that's totally different now. It is being said so randomly without the proper meaning which is taking away it's value. We are talking about love but are we behaving loving towards eachother? The other way this verse can be applied to your life as well is by not just advising or having people listen to what you have to say but set the example as well. I genuinely want to lift you up by setting the example no matter what i'm going through. Transparency will show you that I'm not perfect however I will never cease to give the best of me. The trap wants to corner you in and diminish your value but I believe from now on you'll have the courage to fight and break those walls down. What's your biggest challenge in the trap?

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